Trustee Removal

Failure to Provide Copy of Trust

One basic, but imperative, duty of a Trustee is to provide the appropriate persons with a Notification of Trustee, that either includes a copy of the Trust or the opportunity to obtain a copy of the Trust.  The delivery of this important document triggers certain deadlines, such as the deadline to contest the Trust.  Failure to serve this document can result in protracted litigation many years in the future, when the Trustee believed that certain matters were settled and beneficiaries may have already received and spent their inheritance.

Klinedinst’s Probate and Trust attorneys can assist beneficiaries to seek removal of a Trustee who fails to provide them with a copy of the Trust, and can also represent Trustees to defend against beneficiaries who are seeking their removal.  By engaging an attorney early in the process, Trustees can better navigate their roles and responsibilities to avoid or minimize litigation.

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