Trustee Removal

Misuse of Estate’s Assets

Trustees are fiduciaries of the Trust and its beneficiaries.  When a Trustee misuses assets for their own personal gain, beneficiaries are entitled to seek redress.  This often occurs when a Trustee continues to reside in property belonging to the Trust, continues to collect rents or other profits intended for the benefit of all beneficiaries, or otherwise uses Trust cash or assets for their personal gain to the detriment of the other beneficiaries.

A misuse of Trust assets carries heavy penalties including damages for twice the value of the assets misappropriated, attorney’s fees and costs, interest, and any other damages available at law, including the return of improperly taken property.

Klinedinst’s Probate and Trust attorneys can assist beneficiaries to seek a Trustee’s removal, or to represent a Trustee in defense of their removal. Klinedinst also maintains a highly qualified Professional Liability defense team with the expertise to defend attorneys, professional fiduciaries, and other professionals who are sued in probate and trust related matters.

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